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Ministries We Offer:

Outreach Ministry

Outreach Ministry

“The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few.” (Matthew 9:37)

Ministry begins with “an outstretched hand”.  In the climate in which we now live, many souls are lost and dying without Christ. It is not the will of God that any should perish, but that all come to repentance. This responsibility has been placed on us, the church of the Living God. With our vision, we are implementing several outreach opportunities in our community to reach one life at a time through services such as prayer and bible study in homes, hospital visitation, prison ministry, food distribution, and training and mentoring programs for at risk youth.

Prayer Ministry

Prayer Ministry

“Prayer is the key and faith unlocks the door!”

Prayer and fasting in faith weekly give this ministry the spiritual grasp that will destroy the powers of our adversary, the devil. Names are added to a list to be used during prayer services. Each week our online and hybrid services begin with prayer offered for those who need it. A minister is always available to pray for individuals one-on-one with anyone who reaches out to this ministry.
We strongly encourage participation from anyone looking for miracles to be done in their lives.

Bishop Tompkins and Lady Beth

Who Are We?

Gospel Truth New Life Ministries is a fresh, upcoming ministry that is traditionally inspired and holds to the truths of the Apostle’s Doctrine of the Holy Bible.

Give Donation

We appreciate the support we receive from the faith community. Your donations allow us to continue to provide for the community and bring the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ to others.

Our Ministries

We have a variety of ministries designed to meet the needs of our congregation and community at large. These diverse groups provide spiritual and social connection to all members of the congregation.

Get Involved

We feel strongly about giving back to our community through acts of service designed to enrich the lives of others around us.

Bishop Tompkins and Lady Beth

About Us

Gospel Truth New Life Ministries is a fresh, upcoming ministry that is traditionally inspired and holds to the truths of the Apostle’s Doctrine of the Holy Bible. While our ministry may be new in establishment, it is not in history or knowledge.

Originally the United Apostolic Church of God, Gospel Truth was founded in 1989 in Milwaukee, WI as a small mission. The church was built on the foundation of the Apostles and Prophet, with Jesus Christ as the chief cornerstone. The Lord added many souls to the church throughout the years through baptism and infilling of the Holy Ghost. The church established the Untold Truth Ministry, which gained prominence through the televised sermons of Bishop Tompkins, where he rightly divided the Word of Truth. Later on, a radio ministry was added, with the first broadcast message of “First Things First.”

Our motto throughout the years has always been “The Word of the Lord is Right and Somebody is Wrong!”

The Lord blessed the ministry miraculously when the church was moved to Brown Deer, WI in 2011. Renamed the City of God Apostolic Church, the visionary Bishop Tompkins sought to breathe new life into the ministry. He also opened another ministry in Racine, WI around the same time, called the City of God Racine, which was later changed to Refuge Temple Apostolic in 2014. With his hands and heart full and the Lord to guide him, Bishop Tompkins oversaw both ministries until 2019, when he headed into semi-retirement.

However, his work was not finished yet. God sent Bishop Tompkins to the Christ Temple Church Maywood in Maywood, IL, under the pastorate of Bishop Michael and Lady Gwen Bellamy. There, Bishop Tompkins became one of the Associate Pastors on the ministerial staff.

Reinvigorated and faced with the gravity of the condition of the world, community, and society, God guided Bishop Tompkins back to Milwaukee to bring His word back to the community. Gospel Truth New Life Ministries was established to reach the lost and dying souls of the city who have not yet been acquainted with the Lord Jesus Christ. As a voice crying in the wilderness of this nation, we desire to bring light to a world of darkness.

With the Lord as our guide, we bring the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ in hopes of changing the lives of many, and to help them walk in the newness of life.

All souls matter!

Our Team

Bishop Tompkins


From a staunch southern, primitive Baptist upbringing, God had a special calling for Joseph Tompkins’ life. Born and raised in Alabama as the youngest son of ten children, Joseph learned quickly that the large responsibility of family was placed upon his shoulders.

He learned the carpentry and building trade initially from his father, at a young age, which helped propel him from the southern Alabama country to settle in Metropolitan Detroit, MI. There, he met up with his brother, Eugene, who was attending Greater Bethlehem Temple Church.

At the age of 18, Joseph accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ, preached by Bishop Samuel N. Hancock, Pastor of Greater Bethlehem Temple, and he was baptized in the name of Lord Jesus Christ in October of 1955. He received the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues on January 31st, 1956.

Brother Joseph married Sarah Ann Hicks in 1957 at the young age of 20, and he accepted the Lord’s calling to work for the ministry in 1959. Minister Tompkins  preached his first message at the Greater Bethlehem Temple in 1960 under Bishop Hancock. Through much fasting, prayer, study, and commitment, God used Minister Tompkins mightily throughout the church and organization in ministry.

The Lord dealt with Elder Tompkins about pastoring and called him to do a work in Milwaukee. With the blessing of his Pastor, Elder Tompkins and his family moved to Milwaukee in 1963 and established the Zion Apostolic Church. Bishop Hancock came to Milwaukee prior to his death and confirmed the ministry. After the death of Bishop Hancock, the late Bishop Willie Lee, now Presiding Bishop of the PCAF and District Elder D. Rayford Bell ordained Minister Tompkins as an Elder in 1963.  In 1964, Elder Tompkins was elevated to the position of District Elder in the PCAF, the youngest elder consecrated, at the National Convention. He worked for ten years in this position of the vineyard of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He ultimately accepted the Pastorate position of Zion Apostolic Church in Ferndale, Michigan in 1973. There he pastored until 1977.

Life took many turns for Elder Tompkins, but God, who is rich in mercy, decided that the call of pastor would still be on his life. He attended Apostolic Faith Temple in Southfield under Bishop Nemiah Smith, and afterward Apostolic Way Church of God under his brother, Bishop Eugene Tompkins, one of the greatest bible scholars of that time. Elder Tompkins married Sister Beth Nelson in 1985

After many years, God guided Elder Tompkins and his family again back to Milwaukee in 1988, to finish the work he had started in 1963. He established the United Apostolic Church of God in 1989. At the first church convention in 1990, Elder Tompkins was consecrated to the office of Bishop by Bishop Eugene Tompkins. After much consideration and prayer, Bishop Tompkins realigned himself with the Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith, Inc in 1998. He was consecrated an Episcopal Bishop on the Board of Bishops of the PCAF in 2005 in Kansas City, MO over Canadian District Council and currently Minnesota District.

Many souls were saved, and the church grew fervently. United Apostolic Church was renamed The City of God. In 2011, the Lord blessed the church to move to a beautiful edifice in Brown Deer, WI. God also led Bishop Tompkins to begin another ministry in Racine, WI in 2013, The City of God, Racine. He placed and installed Elder Jerome Austin as Pastor of the Racine Ministry which is now called Refuge Temple Church in 2015.

In 2019, Bishop Tompkins because of his age, unusual circumstances and health conditions, decided to semi-retire from ministry, but God said his work was not done yet.

He was led to support and submit to the leadership of Bishop Michael Bellamy of Christ Temple Church of the Apostolic Faith International Ministries (CTCM) in Maywood, IL. Bishop Tompkins was welcomed with open arms, and quickly became one of the Associate Pastors of CTCM. While working with this ministry, the Lord dealt with Bishop Tompkins again, giving him the zeal of God to initiate yet another ministry to reach the lost and dying souls in the area of Milwaukee.

Bishop Tompkins is committed to outreach and the saving of the souls of men and women, so he continues in ministry, preaching and teaching the Apostolic Doctrine, as he has for many years. As he progresses in age, Bishop Tompkins is convinced that God is still working and “The Lord is not done yet!”

Bishop Tompkins and Lady Beth
Lady Beth Tompkins


Beth Nelson was born and raised in the City of Detroit, Michigan in 1961. Her parents, Dr. Nathaniel W. Nelson and Mrs. Lee Ella Nelson raised Beth to excel in education, be an upstanding individual, and to go to church.

Growing up in the African Methodist Episcopal denomination, church had always been a part of her upbringing.  When she graduated from Cass Technical High School in the Honor Society in the Chemistry-Biology Curriculum, Beth was destined to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a doctor.  Beth was accepted to every university where she applied, but she chose the University of Alabama in Birmingham. Astute in her studies, Beth was offered a position as student teacher to teach a trigonometry course in her first Semester.  But instead, she returned home to Detroit.  Beth felt disillusioned, saying “there has to be more to God than this,” because she was attending church, but not experiencing any changes in her life. However, the Lord would help her find her path. She was invited and then attended Apostolic Faith Temple Church where Bishop Nemiah Smith was the pastor. After accepting the gospel, Beth was baptized in the name of Lord Jesus Christ and received the Holy Ghost speaking in tongues the same day.

Beth then went back to school to pursue her education,  attending Wayne County Community College where she was accepted in the Nursing Program.

She married Joseph Tompkins on March 1, 1985.

After fasting and prayer with her husband, Joseph, the family moved to Milwaukee to begin a ministry work that her husband began back in the sixties.

Through many trials and tests, the Lord blessed the Church.  Lady Beth worked faithfully in the ministry with her husband while raising her children.  God called her to evangelism and deliverance ministry in 1995.

Beth has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. She developed one of her passions and attended cosmetology school to obtain her cosmetology Manager license in the State of Wisconsin.

After working for J. C. Penney Salon, Beth opened her own Salon called Eternity Hair Salon.

She and Bishop were the owners of Guardian Angel Child Development Center and The City of God Child Development Center/Growing Minds Child Development Center. Later, Beth opened Divine Lady Women’s Apparel in 2014. 

Lady Tompkins has directed and sang with many choirs, as well. She has also worked in every capacity of the church, from working the Altar with souls, Prayer intercessor, praise and worship leader, choir director, youth department, sisterhood, Sunday School teacher, the Kitchen staff, van driver, usher, secretary, childcare administrator, janitor, decorator and anything else in her ability. Lady Beth is now willing to do whatever her hands find to do and do it heartily as unto the Lord.